Good Objective Sentence For Resume - Everything You Need to Know

It's important for any job applicant to know how to write a good objective sentence for resume purposes. Remember, a resume is your "sales medium" as a job applicant. You need to convince recruiters and potential employers that you're the best candidate for the position. Believe it or not, your resume is judged from the very first sentence you include in it, and this first sentence is usually the objective statement.


The objective statement or sentence is literally a single sentence which summarizes all your intent as a job applicant. You need to make sure that you're formal but clear when you state this in your resume. For example, if you're already in the writing profession, and you're vying for a higher position in the same field, you can state your objective sentence this way: "To further my writing career." It's not a very grand way of describing your career move, but it does the job, anyway.


It is extremely important for you to keep every single sentence in your resume grammatically flawless. There is no room for typographical and grammar errors in your resume, especially in the objective sentence. If your resume is less than perfect from the objective sentence, then you're in trouble. Employers and recruiters are most likely to take this as a reflection of your personality, and nobody wants a clumsy and careless employee under their wing.

Power words

If you can, you should include power words in every part of your resume, including the objective sentence. There are a lot of power words which employers look for when they browse through resumes. These include "stable", "determined", "responsible", and so on. For example, instead of just saying "To further my writing career," you can say, "To strengthen my grasp of the writing profession," with the word "strengthen" as a power word.

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Career Objective

The resume objective is the resume section that contains the career plan statement of the job applicant. The resume objective is almost always included directly below the applicant's contact information. The career objective is usually written as one paragraph and consists of one to three sentences.